Wadi Shees

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Wadi Shees


Wadi Shees have a very beautiful park and also has beautiful views. If you plan to a picnic so must visit wadishees park. There are many beautiful views inside this park.


Wadi Shees Waterfall

There is a very beautiful artificial waterfall in the park, which doubles its beauty. This artificial waterfall at a height of 25 meters with water passing through beautiful districts, which makes its beauty interesting. Artificial waterfalls flowing to the top of the mountain and makes its air pure and heart Imperturbable.


Hill in Wadi Shees Park

There are three sets on a hill in this park, on top of which you can go and take beautiful views. The path above the mountain is a little difficult. you can also exercise inside this park.

Beautiful views are present on every side and plants .which double the beauty of wadishees park. Inside this park, you can also barbecue and for barbecue, you will also find coal .wadishees park views are very Awesome and charming.

The chirping of the birds and the beauty of the flowers make marvelous views. This park is very wide scale extends.  people are very happy to come to this wadishees park. Everything they need is present in this wadishees park.
People of all ages come to this park.
There is a beautiful lake which passes through the mountains. For vehicle parking, there is a separate area inside the park. There is a walking way inside the wadishees park, which passes through the trees shadows and people feel very happily walking on this track.

The lake water inside the park is very cold and people also like it. In this lake of water, people also do swimming.

This park is built on the top of the mountain, If you are standing on the Height, then you will see the whole wadishees park. There is a separate playground for children to play, inside the park in which children can play all the favorite games of their choice.
There are small resorts on the side inside the park, you can buy your favorite food and enjoy your life.

Greenery is present everywhere in this wadishees park, Greenery is present on every side and there are tree shadows on the side and plants double the beauty of this wadishees park.

Wadishees park looking like a flower in a garden. This park is very beautiful and the enthusiasts present in it double its beauty.


Solar Lights

There are solar lights inside the park which double in the evening. People enjoy all the activities inside the wadishees park and enjoy the fun of life.

All about the scenery that settles in the eye and eye-soothing cold is present inside this park. This is an ornament of the park.

If you like photography. Then all the views of this time will help you to do photography. All charming views of wadishees park will make your photographer beautiful.

Those who are fond of theater, then let us tell you that Amphitheater is also present inside this park. Do not forget to visit this theater if you take a walk in wadishees park.

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