Wadi Shees Khorfakkan Tour

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Wadi Shees | Khorfakkan Tour | Enjoy Mountain & Natural Beauty in Dubai.

Wadi Shees – Khor Fakkan – Tour

When you come to Dubai and didn’t see wadi Shees Khorfakkan It’s meant that you didn’t see anything.
wadi shees tour gives you opportunity mountain and natural environment view. Wadi Shees provide you a chance for mountain hiking, village life. On this tour, you can see also corniche seen in the morning and evening. Also, included in this deal artificial waterfall. you can take photos at the top of the al-rabi tower at Khorfakkan.

At starting drive through the desert in which you can see the desert view. And then we will bring you to Rafisa dam that is in the mountain. In khorfakkan corniche, you have the opportunity for parasailing and jet ski.

Wadi Shees and Khorfakkan are some of the rainiest areas in the UAE. After raining natural water flow you can see. On this tour, one of the most attractive places crevices is the rock Al-Nahwa cave.

For this tour, we provide our customer pick & drop with a seat share base and exclusively. This is our company policy that to provide the best service to our customers. So you can customize your booking if you want to change the timing, places, or vehicle. For example if a customer less than 3 or 4.  For this tour, you can contact us at any time.

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