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We also provide sensational tours in Wadi Shees tour,  Khor Fakkan tour, like Al Rabi tower, Wadi Shees Rafisa dam, Khor Fakkan cornice, Khor Fakkan Waterfall, Al Bidya Mosque, Najd al Miqsar.


Al Rabi Tower

Al Rabi tower is the most beautiful tower in the UAE. The Al Rabi trail is at the one and half hour distance from Dubai. Rabi hiking trail is located in the city of khor fakkan. Which is close to Fujairah. This hiking trail is very beautiful for the people. People are very much satisfied with it.  If you are young and want to go hiking then don’t forget to enjoy the Al Rabi Hiking Trail.


Rafisa Dam

The area of the Al Rafisah is spread on 10,684 square meters. And there is the facility of Namaz in it. There is a people seating area for 400 Separate parking space is available. There are 3 Playgrounds at 410 square miles. This dam passing through the middle mountain.  Hajar Mountain waterway runs down to the city of Khorfakkan on the east coast of Sharjah.

Khor Fakkan Corniche

A Corniche is a path on the side of a cliff or mountains, with the ground rising on one side and falling away from the other. You can also do parasailing inside khorfakkan corniche. There is a lot of swings inside the khorfakkan corniche for the children to play so that the children are very happy and enjoy. Do not forget to visit the khorfakkan corniche If you planning a tour.

Khor Fakkan Waterfall

The waterfall is very beautiful to see. This waterfall cools your eyes and soothes the heart. It cared 43 meters above sea level. This waterfall develops in the latest technology. This waterfall is 45 meters long and 11 meters wide. Café service and outdoor seating is available in this area.


Al Bidya Mosque    

The Mosque is very special to see. The mosque is situated near the village of Al Bidya on the east coast of Fujairah. The Mosque is made of wet clay and stone. This Mosque has been built differently because it does have one dome compared to the rest of the Masjid. The Mosque window for air and light is also present. You can visit this Mosque, many old shops are present and shops exist in these areas where the items are selling.

Najd Al Miqsar

Najd Al Miqsar village was built almost 300 years ago. This is a walk on a small mountain, A small fort is also present on the top of this mountain. Which is called wadishees palace. In this village, small houses and other things made of assimilated stone and clay are also present. Whenever you come to roam in this wadishees park, You must visit Najd Al Miqsar.


Hatta Dam | Hatta Dam UAE we offers kayaking now visit with us & enjoy it

Hatta Dam

Dams also provide a lake for activities such as swimming, kayaking, and fishing. Till the 19 century, the work of hatta dam design and construction mostly experienced company

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Kayaking at Hatta Dam in UAE | Now join our tour team & enjoy Kayaking .

Hatta Kayaking

Kayak is a special tourist destination in UAE. The weather of Hatta Dam is very beautiful, here cold winds blow all the time and which relaxes the body. There are many kayaks on

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Hatta Mountain Tour

Wadi Hub Park

There are many activities in the wadi hub park for visitors to plan, including,  Hiking, jumping, swimming, horseback riding, zip line, Mountain biking, Football zorbing, Archery.

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Hatta Wadi Hub

Hatta Wadi Hub-Explore Hatta Park

Wadi hub park is a very pleasing park, its outlook is very attractive and prettify. There is a different walkway to walk in this wadi hub park. This is an ornament of the park.

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