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Wadi Shees | Khorfakkan

Within the territory of Sharjah lies Wadi Shees and Khorfakkan; an outstanding tourist destination that must etch its way onto every tourist list! The main selling point for the aforementioned destination is the beautiful spectacle it has to offer its esteemed guests. That is why we offer the best tour for our clients.

Conveniently it also happens to be in the vicinity of Fujairah. We urge those interested enough to free some space on their cameras for all the photos of the scenery they would not be able to help but capture! As previously mentioned WadiShees is a place of beauty and not to saturate this feature too much but the main element that deems WadiShees unique that this breathtaking scenery is all-natural;(however a bit enhanced by the hill station)

Services in Wadi Shees Khorfakkan Tour

Indeed in the Wadi Shees Khorfakkan tour, we provide coverage of sites such as Al Rabi tower, WadiShees, Rafisa Dam, KhorfakkanCorniche, Khorfakkan waterfall, Al Bidya mosque, and Najd Al Miqsar. The sapphire waters will leave you in awe. The concept of the elixir required for life to sustain coincidentally happening, to be such a spectacle is quite the sight to process.

But to delve briefly into the captivating man-made attractions of Wadi Shees are the series of tunnels that are one of the longest in the Middle East. You will drive through that cut through the Mountains.

You might be scared of water but the shimmering waters of Wadi Shees will let you break free of that to let you feel the awe. Tour guides are also available and a handful of thrilling activities await you at Wadi Shees and Khorfakkan.

Amidst the verdant mountains of Wadishees are bodies of green as hills and land; In which you can enjoy also hiking through Al-Rabi tower.

Popular Places at Khor Fakkan

We also tour the most elegant and renowned sites of Khorfakkan and WadiShees such as the WadiShees park, the Khorfakkan Square, The Khorfakkan Amphitheater, and the Khorfakkan Beach. Each point is entirely unique in its own way presenting a complex scheme of artificial as well as natural beauty.

Just like the Hatta tour offers thorough entertainment throughout, the Wadi Shees and Khorfakkan tour are full of exciting endeavors that incite almost anyone. The activities are equally available for adults as well as infants so no one feels left out.

Pick and drop from Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman is available, please contact us for further details.

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