Khor Fakkan



Khor Fakkan is the town of UAE. Facing the Gulf of Oman residing on the pleasing east, the coast of the United Arab Emirates.  The city rests on the Bay of Khorfakkan which is also termed as ‘Creek of Two Jaws’ and is geographically hedged-in by the emirates of Fujairah.

Khorfakkan offers a handful of enchanting sites along with breezy weather.

When you utter the name ‘Khorfakkan’ at the tip of your tongue, you begin to visualize hordes of places in your mind. Places like the widely renowned Khorfakkan Amphitheatre and Waterfall, the Khorfakkan Square, and the Khorfakkan Beach.

Amphitheater in UAE

The Amphitheater is used for a live show. This is a venue with an open sky. Heavily inspired by Roman architecture, this venue has become the talk-of-the-town, and can easily accommodate an audience of 3500 spectators. That will be designed with the advanced architecture of the modern days. Which will make it an ideal open-air venue with built-in cooling systems. The amphitheater restaurant and café offer a complex menu for dining.

Waterfall in UAE

Right next to the amphitheater is a majestic waterfall descending downwards from a height of 45 meters. This is hard to believe that this waterfall is man-made. This shape is out of a single rock. At night time the waterfall lights up. This can be viewed from the top through the windows .which in due course is open to the public.

Khorfakkan Square

The is an attractive site covering a land area of 163,000 square meters. The UAE flag raised here on 43rd National Day in 2014. Facing the shimmering bay, The waving flag represents national pride. A noticeable Maqbara(a censer made up of clay or soft stone) symbolizes Arabic hospitality and a good gesture.

Khorfakkan Beach

A favored recreational area consisting of a picnic spot, sports activities, and beautiful shores. Facing away from the city skyline. The beach is full of fun-filled activities. Such as Rental Jet Skis, Swimming, and Boats.

The breezy weather adds up to the beauty of the beach. All in one a filled with luxurious suites. In this each offering has a specific activity, Now everyone can be enjoyed it. Each place is a popular tourist attraction bringing in visitors from all around the world to check out these exciting places and go on breathtaking tours like the Hatta Tour as well.

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