Khorfakkan Beach



The Khorfakkan beach runs three kilometers long. It is located in the north of the city and it truly is the most priceless possession of Khorfakkan. This beach hosts numerous awe-inspiring activities ranging from cycling to parasailing. Yes! You heard it right.

The Khorfakkan Corniche (a sloped road lying next to a beach or a mountain) is a suitable track for cycling and running enthusiasts. Older folk can also use it for walking.

Sports Activities at Khorfakkan Beach

The smooth textured beach is fitting for sports activities such as beach football and volleyball. It is also a good spot for picnics, barbeque, and sand sculpting. Khorfakkan being a hill station is subject to breezy weather which makes the beach a beautiful site to relax and regain lost energy.

Khorfakkan Shark Island

Tourists can reach the famous Shark Island via a boat where visitors can have a chance to see marine life. Diving is the most famous activity of The Shark Island however there is no need to worry since the tourists are kept in an area free of sharks. Parasailing is the go-to activity of every visitor. Just imagine, soaring high in the sky with no limitations, something everyone would pay to feel.

Jet skiing is also available.

Craving good continental food? No need to worry. The Khorfakkan beach is home to many hotels and restaurants with mouth-watering and scrumptious cuisines that leave your taste buds tingling.

Diving at Khor Fakkan UAE

The Khorfakkan beach is also home to many small islands where you can perform scuba diving with proper equipment, however, choosing reliable and decorated companies would be considered a better option. The deeper waters are good areas for fishing if you are in the mood to catch some fish but do look out for crabs and rays.

Best Moment

The sunrise and the sunset is an unreal moment which no one wants to miss. The Khorfakkan Beach is very famous just like the Hatta Tour so you can easily reach it just by asking around strangers for directions. Facing the sparkling sea, you can very easily imagine how angelic and enthralling this place must be.

The Khorfakkan beach is a hugely popular tourist attraction point that is talk-of-the-town of the entire Khorfakkan. A visit here would surely not be regrettable but spectacular.

Offering a beige color scheme and golden dust lying below, this beach just like the Hatta Tour is an example of the word breathtaking which anyone from any corner of the world would want to visit.

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