Hatta Mountain Tour


Hatta Mountain

If you visit Dubai, a visit to Hatta mountain is a borderline necessity! Located near the border of Oman, Hatta is essentially a hill station that can sound underwhelming at first(and understandably so), the activities it has to offer are what make a tourist destination.

Hatta is a ghetto of Dubai, nestling tall and slender Hajar Mountains. Each nation is a modern shell of its original heritage formed by its people, and occasionally heritage is what is incentivized by a nation for earning. Such is the case with Hatta.

Hatta Heritage Villag

The Heritage Village is an extremely valuable historical possession of Hatta which covers the huge and rich diversity of Hatta’s history. The rich heritage that has been rejected is being stemmed into modernity.

Popular Places at Hatta

It showcases how the nation of Arabia lived before the current era. In Hatta Mountain Tour we provide the facility pick up & drop off to our guests. That is the reason behind covering many places on this tour. The Hatta dam, Heritage Village, Sawan Lake, Wadi Hub Park, Hill Park, and much more are on the list that represents different parts of Hatta.

We do advise our guests on their visit to Dubai to surely to visit  Hatta is highly recommended. Not only does it lie nearby but it also hosts beautiful weather, thrives with natural beauty, and provides a calm and undisturbed environment as compared to the city’s buzzing atmosphere.

If you love adventure and natural beauty, you can book your tour in advance.

Advance booking for Hatta Mountain Tour

Advance booking is available for the Hatta Mountain Tour. Hurry up and do not miss your chance on this sensational journey. Our guides are friendly and experienced, they do make your trip memorable. With the help of tour guides, our clients also get to know each and every destination at their fingertips.

The beauty of a trip is, Hatta Mountain weather is much chill as compared to Dubai weather. Adds to that, it is advisable to pack warm clothes.


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