Hatta Dam


Hatta Dam which has sparkling green emerald water wants to make the Hajar mountains aesthetically pleasing. Near the harbor, cakes floating above on the water in a row can be easily felt from above. When a person using a kayak, they can be seen by many people. A playful breeze slaps gently at your face as you walk downwards to the dam. The view from above is one is truly one to pay for.


Short Info About Hatta Dam

The Hatta dam was built in the 1990s in order to supply the area with electricity and water, Water is supplied for domestic, industrial, and irrigational purposes. Acting as an immensely important source of water supply, dams also hold significance for a wide number of factors. Involved in the generation of hydroelectric power, they also provide electricity for the operation of machines as it is an essential part of human life. Serving as a source of tourist attraction, many dams lure tourists into visiting and admiring them. The Hatta Dam rests between two alluring hills and lies at a distance of 96.5 km (60 miles) from Dubai and the destination can be easily reached in an hour and a half.


Hatta Dam Kayaking

Visitors stroll down the road to catch a glimpse of the picturesque view. Gazing downwards, the eyes witness a sea of emerald, a master of its own.
The Hatta Dam is widely regarded and preferred since it offers kayaking. Kayaking, basically the use of a narrow watercraft to move across the water. A kayak is a low-to-the-water canoe-like boat, in which a paddler sits and uses a double-bladed paddle to pull.

Many kayaks are available depending on the number of individuals and each kayak available can be used for a specific amount of time.

Practices That Prohibited. As Well as Discouraged are Mentioned Below:

1)      Bonfire
2)      Swimming
3)      Fishing
4)      Entry of vehicles
5)      Killing of the wildlife and marine life
6)      Destroying/harming the vegetation

First aid and lifejackets are available throughout as customer safety is our utmost priority!
The dam serves as the epitome of artificial and constructional excellence. Not only does it hold significance for the vast important purposes it provides but it is also a huge source of tourist attraction just as equally as the Hatta tour and the Wadishees tour.

The Hatta dam lures individuals from everywhere to visit it just because of the calm and serene atmosphere that it provides but indispensably because of the inexpressible awe-inspiring views that it provides. The serrated mountain culminations further add to the roller-coaster effect. You can spend the day in solitude and tranquility in an environment so calm that it will compel you to surmise as if nothing else exists.

A completely breathtaking sight that is rare to see!



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