Visit Khor Fakkan

Visit – Khor Fakkan – Wadi Shees   We also provide sensational tours in Wadi Shees tour,  Khor Fakkan tour, like Al Rabi tower, Wadi Shees Rafisa dam, Khor Fakkan cornice, Khor Fakkan Waterfall, Al Bidya Mosque, Najd al Miqsar.   Al Rabi Tower Al Rabi tower is the most beautiful tower in the UAE. … read more

Khor Fakkan

Khor Fakkan The Facilities provided to people in Khorfakkan park are the same as Wadi Shees Park. These Facilities is Khorfakkan Square, Khor Fakkan Amphitheater, and KhorFakkan Beach . These all are available in wadishees khorfakkan tour. Khorfakkan is the town of UAE. Facing the Gulf of Oman residing on the pleasing east, the coast … read more

Khorfakkan Beach Sharjah

KHORFAKKAN BEACH Khorfakkan is a town lying on the east coast of the UAE. Also known as the “Creek of Two Jaws”, Khorfakkan hosts breezy weather and the Khorfakkan beach is very famous. Khorfakkan beach is like any other beach you have seen however what makes it different is that it offers a lot of … read more