Wadi Hub Park

Hatta Wadi Hub Wadi Hub Park Activities There are many activities in the wadi hub park for visitors to plan, including,  Hiking, jumping, swimming, horseback riding, zip line, Mountain biking, Football zorbing, Archery. These all activities are available in the Hatta Wadi Hub Park.   Mountain Biking Mountain biking is free of cost. people who … read more

Wadi Shees

Wadi Shees   Wadi Shees have a very beautiful park and also has beautiful views. If you plan to a picnic so must visit wadishees park. There are many beautiful views inside this park.   Wadi Shees Waterfall There is a very beautiful artificial waterfall in the park, which doubles its beauty. This artificial waterfall … read more

Hatta Wadi Hub Outdoors Activities

Hatta Wadi Hub Outdoors Activities MOUNTAIN BIKING Mountain-biking is free. people who have competence and autonomy in it can come out and try their ability. Hatta Wadi Hub Mountain biking is full of advancer. GREEN COLOUR Green track is an idea for probationers. BLUE COLOUR The blue track offers a little challenge to riders. RED … read more