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Khorfakkan is a town lying on the east coast of the UAE. Also known as the “Creek of Two Jaws”, Khorfakkan hosts breezy weather and the Khorfakkan beach is very famous.

Khorfakkan beach is like any other beach you have seen however what makes it different is that it offers a lot of different activities in comparison to the other beaches.

Below mentioned are the activities you will do.

The Activities You Will Take Part In Khor Fakkan 

  • Jet skiing
  • Beach football
  • Beach volleyball
  • Cycling
  • Running
  • Sand sculpting
  • Parasailing
  • Scuba diving
  • Fishing
  • Boating

The activities offered on this beach are so many that they are for everyone, children as well as adults and the elderly. It also a good place to spend some time with your loved ones and sunbathe in the beautiful warm sunlight and regain your vitamins.

KhorakkanCorniche is a good track for cycling, running, and walking. The beach is beautiful so bringing along your cameras is highly recommended. You can take pictures with sand sculptors, boats, and fish.



  • Experienced divers
  • Professional parasailing instructors
  • Safety measures and protection gear
  • Latest technological equipment for parasailing and scuba diving

There is an age limit for parasailing as well as scuba diving. Underage children are not allowed in these activities. There is no need to worry about sharks, they are not present in these waters as they swim in further faraway waters. No shark sightings have occurred in these waters by the locals and the visitors.

We also have the latest gear for our customers. If you are hungry, many hotels are available. These hotels serve delicious foods which are also very clean. You can also set up your own grill and barbeque, spots are available if you want to crave grilled food.

Now you know why the Khorfakkan beach is so famous. Here we have a bit of something for everyone so no one feels left out.


What to Avoid at the Khorfakkan Beach 

There are many small islands near the beach where you can perform scuba diving. However, there are also many companies that perform scuba diving. Some of these companies do not have the proper technological equipment which can impose danger to your life. Hence, we would like to advise you to only trust those companies which are famous for their facilities and have a lot of good reviews.


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