Khor Fakkan

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Khor Fakkan | The beauty of UAE beach. The best place for enjoy holidays

Khor Fakkan

The Facilities provided to people in Khorfakkan park are the same as Wadi Shees Park. These Facilities is Khorfakkan Square, Khor Fakkan Amphitheater, and KhorFakkan Beach . These all are available in wadishees khorfakkan tour.

Khorfakkan is the town of UAE. Facing the Gulf of Oman residing on the pleasing east, the coast of the United Arab Emirates.  The city rests on the Bay of Khorfakkan which is also termed as ‘Creek of Two Jaws’ and is geographically hedged-in by the emirates of Fujairah.


This project is to support tourism. Construction is progressing on the khorfakkan square park project. Khorfakkan Squar covers an area 163,000m2. This is a part of the tourism and entertainment projects in the city of Sharjah UAE. Department of education and buildings will be developing very fastly with the latest technology.

Khorfakkan Amphitheater

khor fakkan Amphitheater has the latest control facility. The Amphitheater has a sound and lighting system. Khor Fakkan Amphitheater has an outdoor seating area, with space for over 30 people. The ocean realizing Amphitheater provides marvelous front views.

Khorfakkan Amphitheater design as an open place and motivated by a Roman Amphitheater. The amphitheater area spread over 19,000 square feet. Everything is available in Amphitheater. There are many Hotels are available in Amphitheater, for food and Barbecue.

The Khor Fakkan Beach

Wadi Shees khorfakkan beach is a present in this beautiful place. People come to visit the beach. In khorfakkan beach, the activity of the people do swimming and run kayaks.

Many people tanned from the summer heat on summer days, and for relaxing, people can visit Khorfakkan Beach. Don’t forget to enjoy the beach tour, if you walk around the wadishees khorfakkan tour.

Sports Activities at Khorfakkan Beach

The smooth textured beach is fitting for sports activities (beach football and volleyball). Khorfakkan being a hill station is subject to breezy weather which makes the beach a beautiful site to relax and regain lost energy.


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