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Hatta Wadi Hub Outdoors Activities | Visit Hatta Wadi Hub Park-Dubai UAE

Hatta Wadi Hub

Outdoors Activities


Mountain-biking is free. people who have competence and autonomy in it can come out and try their ability. Hatta Wadi Hub Mountain biking is full of advancer.


Green track is an idea for probationers.


The blue track offers a little challenge to riders.


Red track for accomplished riders to prove their skills.


Black track for tougher riders. In this track to find out if you have learned mountain biking.



The zip line is the most common attraction in hatta wadi hub park. People are enjoying glamour views of the wadi. On the zip line, the speed should be less than 350 meters. People above the age of 16 years can enjoy this zip line and It is for everyone.


Wadi hub park having many interesting things but the most exciting thing is horseback riding. The horseman knew very well How much it is fun to ride the horse riding on the mountain. Horseback riding is a great profession. This time there is a great opportunity to use your skills in wadi hub park.


There are different activities in the wadi hub park-like hiking people are planning, walking through the cliffs of the mountains, the roads make hiking fun and people are enjoying these activities in wadi hub park. 1000m long and 3m wide fabricated rubberized track is available for exercise logic.


Jumping or swimming, both of them are beautiful. And this practice becomes even more beautiful when you start swimming while digging the slide. It’s fun to jump in the water from an above height. Do not forget to take this jumping slide when you visiting Hatta Wadi Hub Park.


An even more beautiful picture is present inside the wadi hub park, which is called gravity. A gravity cart has crept from the top of the mountain and fall on the ground. When the human is locked in a gravity cart and he falls on the ground crawling from the top of the mountain, then he finds this practice very enjoyable.


People play zorbing football with balloons covering each other and there is a lot of energy use in it, people feel very happy to play it. You have playing zorbing football with the whole team while staying inside a gravity balloon and that doubles the fun of this game. If you are going to wadi hub park, then try this game sparingly.


Archery is a common sport in UAE at wadi hub park, you learn this archaic sport and improve your archery skills. Those who specialize in Archie are also called archers. In this game you aim with arrow command, if your target hits the right place, then you specialize in archery. It is a very famous game in this wadi hub park.


Kayaking in Hatta, if you plan to tour then you must take a kayaking ride. In deep water, you have to run this boat. Only two people can board a kayak. you will love this scene when you’re paddling.  You enjoy this activity very much. If you come to a wadi hub park, do not forget to do kayaking in Hatta Dam.

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Hatta Dam

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Hatta Mountain Tour

Wadi Hub Park

There are many activities in the wadi hub park for visitors to plan, including,  Hiking, jumping, swimming, horseback riding, zip line, Mountain biking, Football zorbing, Archery.

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Hatta Wadi Hub

Hatta Wadi Hub-Explore Hatta Park

Wadi hub park is a very pleasing park, its outlook is very attractive and prettify. There is a different walkway to walk in this wadi hub park. This is an ornament of the park.

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