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Kayaking at Hatta Dam in UAE | Now join our tour team & enjoy Kayaking .

Hatta Kayaking

Hatta Kayak

Kayak is a special tourist destination in UAE. The weather of Hatta Dam is very beautiful, here cold winds blow all the time and which relaxes the body. There are many kayaks on the side of the Hatta dam, you can take a kayak of your wish. This location is very beautiful from busy life, here you will find quietness and you will see charming beauty of the place.

Hatta Dam water is very neat and fresh. People of all ages can survey the dam. Hatta Kayaking is available in every dam but most different kayaking rides in the Hatta dam. If you build a plan for a tour, you must visit the Hatta Dam kayaking. Moreover, 100 above kayaks are available in the dam, that’s your own choice, which kayak you will get a ride. In-depth water you will paddle the kayak, this moment is very adorable. one of the best activities of Hatta dam is kayaking.


Hatta Dam Atmosphere

The UAE environment is mostly hot. you can survey the places to change your atmosphere in Hatta Dam.  Hatta Dam passing through the mountains, Hatta Dam shows a beautiful scene to the visitors. This dam Represents the marvelous beauty of the nation. However, people are coming for kayaking in the Hatta dam.


Hatta dam looks even more especially beauty because of the mountains, there is sensational beauty everywhere. The travel from Dubai to Hatta Dam is about 2 hours. When you are going in-vehicle driving inside the mountains, people are well pleased with stunning sights. There is an individual car parking area on the site of the Hatta dam.

Kayaking is a beautiful practice. Kayak doesn’t require mastery to run. To drive a kayak, you just have to shake the paddle and ride the kayak with ease. And this is not a very difficult task, a man of all ages can do this work.

You feel great pleasure while driving a kayak. Even a one-man can ride a kayak. If you want, a kayak can be driven by one man, a kayak can also be driven by two men and a kayak can also be driven by three people it’s your choice.


And if you have to go in a family boat, then there is a separate kayak.   If you have 7 people, you can travel on the same board. There is a separate kayak for 5 people. Separate kayaks are available for family’s minimum of 10 persons are allowed in one kayak.


Hatta Dam Rules

  1. Underage of 16-year-old children can’t ride a kayak in the dam.
  2. Swimming inside the dam is not allowed.
  3. Different kayaks have different rates.
  4. Exchanging kayak with another person is not allowed.


Below are the benefits of kayaking

  1. Good exercise
  2. Sporty activity
  3. Cheaper alternative to a powerboat
  4. Provides freedom from operators
  5. Promotes the importance of teamwork.

For Hatta Dam visitors kayaking is a good activity. A completely blissful activity is full of exercise, cheer, and fun that easily leaves a joyful and lasting expression. Almost anybody has many reasons, why it tempts almost anyone to attempt it.


Kayak Advance Booking

Therefore, you can’t book a kayak in advance. You can book a kayak at the same time as you arrive. first come, first served. The kayak rate starts from 60 AED to 800 AED.


For Example, Rates of Kayak

  1. Single Kayak: 60 AED, Maximum Capacity: 1 Adult above 16 years old.
  2. Double Kayak: 120 AED, Maximum Capacity: 2 Adults 1 Child.
  3. Yellow Boat: 150 AED, Maximum Capacity:  3 Adults 1 Child.
  4. Single Water Bike: 60 AED, Maximum Capacity: 1 Adult.
  5. Double Water Bike: 120 AED, Maximum Capacity: 2 Adults.
  6. Triple Water Bike: 180 AED, Maximum Capacity: 3 Adults.
  7. Donut Boat: 300 AED, Maximum Capacity: 4 Adults 2 Children.
  8. Tour Boat-with driver: 600 AED, Maximum Capacity: 11 Adults.


Hatta Dam | Hatta Dam UAE we offers kayaking now visit with us & enjoy it

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