Hatta Dam

HATTA DAM   Dams also provide a lake for activities such as swimming, kayaking, and fishing. Till the 19 century, the work of hatta dam design and construction mostly experienced company could do. Wherever there is a dam, it comes naturally to the beauty of that place. There are many dams but some dams in … read more

Hatta Kayaking

Hatta Kayaking Hatta Kayak Kayak is a special tourist destination in UAE. The weather of Hatta Dam is very beautiful, here cold winds blow all the time and which relaxes the body. There are many kayaks on the side of the Hatta dam, you can take a kayak of your wish. This location is very … read more

Wadi Hub Park

Hatta Wadi Hub Wadi Hub Park Activities There are many activities in the wadi hub park for visitors to plan, including,  Hiking, jumping, swimming, horseback riding, zip line, Mountain biking, Football zorbing, Archery. These all activities are available in the Hatta Wadi Hub Park.   Mountain Biking Mountain biking is free of cost. people who … read more

Hatta Wadi Hub-Explore Hatta Park

Hatta Wadi Hub Explore Hatta Wadi Hub Park   Wadi hub park is a very pleasing park, its outlook is very attractive and prettify. There is a different walkway to walk in this wadi hub park. This is an ornament of the park. The walking path is decorated with flowers, plants, and trees. The plants, … read more

Visit Khor Fakkan

Visit – Khor Fakkan – Wadi Shees   We also provide sensational tours in Wadi Shees tour,  Khor Fakkan tour, like Al Rabi tower, Wadi Shees Rafisa dam, Khor Fakkan cornice, Khor Fakkan Waterfall, Al Bidya Mosque, Najd al Miqsar.   Al Rabi Tower Al Rabi tower is the most beautiful tower in the UAE. … read more

Hatta Wadi Hub Outdoors Activities

Hatta Wadi Hub Outdoors Activities MOUNTAIN BIKING Mountain-biking is free. people who have competence and autonomy in it can come out and try their ability. Hatta Wadi Hub Mountain biking is full of advancer. GREEN COLOUR Green track is an idea for probationers. BLUE COLOUR The blue track offers a little challenge to riders. RED … read more

Hatta Wadi Hub Park

HATTA WADI HUB PARK   Hatta Wadi Hub Wadi hub is a very beautiful park, its views are very pretty and charming. There is a separate walkway to walk in this park. This is a jewel of a park. Hub Park walking track is decorated, with flowers and plants, the view is very pretty. In … read more

Visit Hatta Dam Dubai

Hatta kayaking A complete guide to Hatta Kayaking Kayaking is an activity that requires the use of a kayak to move across the water. It is like a watercraft and the double-bladed paddle propels the user in the direction he desires. A kayak is a low-to-the-water, canoe-like boat. The paddler sits facing forward, placing the … read more